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The mission of EcoTeens is to enable a platform for youth to lend their voices towards environmental challenges and climate change. As a youth-led movement, EcoTeens strives to bring sustainability to immediate focus among youth by providing learning resources, actionable steps to create a change and engaging in global summits. Together, we strive to create a safe space to have engaging conversations centered around climate change and environmental issues. As EcoTeens we strive to build a sustainable and clean future for ourselves and generations to come.

Environmental Education

Individuals develop a deeper understanding of environment issues, have the skills to make informed decisions.

Nature Cleaners

Ecologists use a variety of methods, such as field observations, experiments, and modeling.

Our Future is in our hands

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Partner with us by being an Ambassador for change representing your geographic region.

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Reach out to us if you would like to be a guest on our podcast “The Green Stories” or a speaker at the EcoTeens Global Youth Sustainability Summits.

Restore Rainforest In The Americas

We partner with rural and underserved communities, where there are high incidences of waterborne diseases and a scarcity of aid. Together, we establish comprehensive safe water solutions that include the essential tools and education.


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Teens! A sustainable future is our right, let us claim it. If not now, when? If not us, who?

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