Pragna Nidumolu
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Pragna Nidumolu

Pragna, a senior at Freedom High School in Virginia, has been a dedicated advocate for environmental awareness and sustainable practices from a young age. She founded EcoTeens at just 14, aiming to empower youth to contribute to a greener future. Her impactful efforts earned her the prestigious title of “America’s Top 18 Under 18” by Congressman Danny Davis. Pragna has successfully organized three global summits on sustainability, bringing together speakers from over 21 countries to inspire action and share innovative ideas.

As the CEO of NetZero Beauty ( , a cosmetics line championing sustainability, Pragna merges her entrepreneurial drive with a commitment to eco-friendly practices, offering products that combine beauty with environmental responsibility. 

Her insights on corporate sustainability and youth empowerment have reached international audiences through her TEDx talk. She has made significant contributions to the discourse on sustainability, speaking at the Agile 2023 World Conference as the youngest ever presenter on corporate sustainability, at the National Leadership Conference hosted by Business Professionals of America, and at the United Nations 68th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68). 

Pragna actively serves on the board of directors at Youth About Business and as President of the TEDx club at Freedom High School, continually advocating for impactful change and inspiring others. Additionally, she was featured in WomELLE magazine as a young trailblazer.

How it started

In the summer of 2017, a ten year old Pragna visited India to see her grandparents and extended family. While exploring various tourist destinations rich in historical significance, she was struck by the pervasive presence of non-biodegradable trash such as plastic, glass, and batteries. Conversations with local fishermen revealed a troubling decline in the fish population over the past decade, and residents noted shifting seasons linked to global warming.

The following year, Pragna traveled to Kenya for her summer vacation. Despite the unparalleled natural beauty of Africa, she was saddened by the widespread issue of plastic pollution. Locals informed her that unmanaged waste and pollution were causing severe harm to wildlife and communities across the continent.

Upon returning home to the United States, Pragna observed that developed countries were grappling with similar environmental challenges. Realizing the global scale of these issues, she felt a profound urgency to ensure that the next generation inherits a planet that is safe to inhabit.

These experiences galvanized Pragna to take action. Determined to contribute to her local community, she joined the “Adopt-a-Highway” program to help keep roadsides clean. This involvement made her realize that the responsibility for a sustainable planet rests with everyone, not just adults. Recognizing the potential of the 1.2 billion teens worldwide, who make up one-sixth of the global population, Pragna embarked on a mission to rally teens globally to advocate for more sustainable communities, businesses, and practices.