Ecoteens advisors serve as the bedrock of guidance, offering invaluable support and expertise.

At EcoTeens, we believe that the journey toward a sustainable future requires guidance, insight, and expertise. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to our esteemed team of Advisors. These individuals are not just mentors; they are the architects of our vision and the compass guiding us toward meaningful change.

Who are our Advisors?

Our Advisors are seasoned professionals, thought leaders, and passionate advocates for sustainability. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse fields, including environmental science, social activism, policy-making, education, and entrepreneurship. Each Advisor brings a unique perspective, enriching our discussions and informing our decisions.

What do our Advisors do?

Advisors at EcoTeens play a pivotal role in shaping our roadmap for action. They provide invaluable advice and insights on emerging trends in sustainability, helping us stay ahead of the curve. With their guidance, we identify opportunities for innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our initiatives are both impactful and relevant.

How do our Advisors influence mindset?

One of the most important aspects of our work at EcoTeens is inspiring and empowering young people to become leaders in sustainability. Our Advisors play a crucial role in this process by sharing their stories, expertise, and passion for change. They help us develop educational resources, workshops, and campaigns that resonate with youth, sparking curiosity and catalyzing action.

Why are our Advisors essential?

In a world facing urgent environmental challenges, the guidance of experienced mentors is more critical than ever. Our Advisors provide us with strategic direction and serve as role models for the next generation of sustainability leaders. Their commitment to positive change inspires us to dream big and strive for a brighter future.

Join us on our journey!


Susanna Kass
United States
Joanna Masraff
Jutta Eckstein
Joanne Stone
Maryse Meinen
Leiden, Netherlands